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Bayern Munich: Enough to win

Bayern Munich: Enough to win The goalkeeper position has become Bayern’s “big problem” after Manuel Neuer broke his leg during a ski trip. Until having to take a long break in the second half of the season Bayern decided to grab Yann Sommer, the sticky Swiss, to replace him, but the results

Real Madrid: Impossible.

Real Madrid: Impossible. Had almost moved to the Santiago Bernabeu in the past. But now There is no reason for Carlo Ancelotti to knock Thibaut Courtois off to make way for De Gea. Because even during the peak. This pair will be skilled enough. was raised as a

Barca invite Spurs to Joan Gamper’s Cup final

Barca invite Spurs to Joan Gamper’s Cup final Trading has been good throughout the last few years. So Barca are preparing to invite Spurs to play in the Joan Gamper Trophy next month. Barcelona is reportedly preparing an appointment for Tottenham Hotspur to play in a special game

Kidney disease, what to eat and what to eat

Kidney disease, what to eat and what to eat. Kidney disease is a disease that many Thai people are experiencing. It is a disease caused by unhygienic eating. and not nutritional unbalanced diet eating too much Accumulated for a long time Finally, it could be kidney disease. but besides salty food There are

The dangers of “sleeping too little”

The dangers of “sleeping too little“ Everyone should know that “sleep” is the best rest for the body. Because the body needs adequate rest and balance every day, but to know this. There are not many people. Who do not pay attention to sleep as they should. Which