Owen Liverpool Should Match CL Championship

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Michael Owen, the famous guru, raises his hand to cheer for Liverpool, deserves to win the champions league.

The league this season, suggesting that cheerleading at Anfield is a key factor in the european night, swansea slammed a simple last-16 win over atletico. madrid 2-0 last night gave them a four-game.

Winning streak in the group stage, Owen reckons Jurgen Klopp’s team should be the

best to hold the “big ears” trophy, with chelsea and manchester city, two of them in the league, “perhaps manchester city and chelsea are liverpool’s most dangerous,” said owen.

if you’re kicking off at anfield in the second leg, good luck! they are unbeaten at Anfield: “you have to say

that liverpool are the best,” “i think the premier league.

Jurgen Klopp’s side brushed aside Atletico Madrid at Anfield.

on Wednesday night to book their place in the knockout stages and ensure they will finish top of Group B.

Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019, 12 months after losing the final to Real Madrid,

And Owen expects his former club to enjoy another productive run in the competition this season.

Is ahead of all leagues and stronger, i think we’ve been

ahead for years.” moving to a younger league has weakened the spanish league. i don’t count on the french league much. and we brought the best manager.”