Are you angry! Ramsey blames Juve for not being as fit as Wales

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Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey has accused Juventus for their own fitness problems by insisting that He can play continuously if managed properly .Wales national team star Travel to the Wales National Team Prepare for a World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic on Friday and Ramsey is set to lead the team on the field as captain.

There are rumors that come out periodically about Juventus. Preparing to sell after the sale of Ramsey left the team after players often have problems with injuries, often tackled, however, recently referred to as adamant that. He can play regularly. If properly managed fitness from the agency.

“The philosophy and training at the club is different from the team that works at Wales. A lot of people here have taken care of me for years,” Ramsey said.

“They know how to get me ready. How can I play multiple games in a row? Like during Euro 2020, I can keep playing and doing good results,

because I put my best in the game. Sometimes it’s more of a need for a full week of recovery than working in the grass for long periods of time. A lot of fatigue that will arise from the game. Recovery is important to me.”

Ramsey was not included in the Juventus squad for Chelsea and Torino matches due to muscle strain. but was also called up to the Wales national team And has been confirmed to play in Prague and manager Robert Page has expressed confidence Ramsey will also be able to help the team in their next match against Estonia in Talinn on Monday.