Bayern Munich: Enough to win

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Bayern Munich: Enough to win

The goalkeeper position has become Bayern’s “big problem” after Manuel Neuer broke his leg during a ski trip. Until having to take a long break in the second half of the season

Bayern decided to grab Yann Sommer, the sticky Swiss, to replace him, but the results were not very good. Despite having seen some difficult saves, he managed to score clean sheets almost every time.

Therefore, it would depend on the decision of the Tiger Board and the coach like Thomas Tuchel whether to try to approach De Gea, because for the reason that said, Sommer doesn’t look good enough, and Neuer Although starting to come back to practice some But it’s still a while until it’s ready to return to the field. In addition, the age of Anam is already 37 years old.

And Bayern wouldn’t take a good goalkeeper. To gather in a team of 3 people at the same time, if they choose to take De Gea to strengthen the army, the person who works will Sommer. Who will release. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Dortmund: Impossible.

Even compared to the class name, De Gea will look better than Gregor Kobel, the current top hand of Dortmund, but guess the yellow tiger board. Would like to leave the future with the 25-year-old Swiss defenseman who spent 15 million euros bought from Stuttgart two years ago. Rather than grabbing De Gea to intervene

Another important thing is that Kobel is not a broken door. The skill of the hand is considered to be brilliant. Guaranteed by being named in the team of the year in the Bundesliga last season.

PSG: Impossible.

Dropping the title of the perfume league, despite De Gea’s superstar image befitting a member of the Parc des Princes, there was Italy’s first-team Gianluigi Donnarumma Being a contractor with the opportunity to enter the field already Plus the age is only 24.

And even if there is no Donnarumma, but having just appointed Luis Enrique to take charge, it can also cut off the PSG name as well.

Well, here it is Enrique, the guy named De Gea. Who left out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup kit!