Cannavaro believes Napoli are strong enough to win Scudetto

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Italian legend Fabio Cannavaro has praised Napoli for being strong enough to win the Scudetto. Come to dominate this season,

“Azzura” has a brutal start, sweeping seven straight wins and leading Serie A at the moment, with AC Milan two points behind

Cannava. I see that the famous team from Naples Under Luciano Spalletti’s army, he’s good enough to hold on to the title race until the end of the season.

World champion and Ballon d’Or in 2006, Fabio Cannavaro (Naples, 48 ​​years old) talks about football with the same passion with which he played it and that he has tried to transmit the last six years to the teams he has trained in China, with a brief hiatus in the United Arab Emirates. Il Capitano.

The former centre-back said: “Napoli are strong, they can win the Scudetto. But be careful with teams from Milan “

” In many times. It seems that Spalletti’s team a wall And solutions that range, “

” Victor O. Henry Sims may be thought of as a crazy horse. but in the penalty area He knows how to attack his opponents.”

“But there is no way to cut Juventus. They know how to deal with difficult times. and will be able to come back for sure.”