David de Gea that may not much left. When you have to ‘stop working’

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David de Gea that may not much left. When you have to ‘stop working’

Becoming a “free agent” at the age of 33 for David de Gea. What’s more interesting than sitting limp is “move on”, what should we do? Real Madrid? Atletico Madrid? Bayern? PSG? or to shove Saudi money Follow the trend?

because before the storm It was just an ordinary day, too. After receiving the Golden Glove award, the Premier League will be an “end” between him and Manchester United. Who have served the team well for 12 years.

But I’m afraid to revive the reason for the separation. Let’s go to ufabet https://ufabet999.com just go check that De Gea still has options left. “New agency” for him, where and how?

Inter Milan: Impossible.

It may seem ticklish that Inter Milan let Andre Onana leave for Manchester United (if nothing goes wrong) and then go grab a former Manchester United goalkeeper like David de Gea to insert the position directly instead.

nonetheless, in reality It’s very difficult to happen. It’s clear that their styles of play are vastly different, and Simone Inzaghi would rather find a new goalkeeper with feet as good as Onana than risk using De Gea, which Man United won’t.

There is still a trend throughout the latter period that Inter aims to grab Hugo Lloris from Spurs, along with Anatoly Trubin, young Shakhtar star. Is underlined for being second hand, other than that, Keylor Navas (PSG) or Yann Sommer (Bayern) have also link.

AC Milan: Difficult to win

Between Inter and AC Milan, look at the shape. The latter still has more opportunities for De Gea.

However, there is no way De Gea would immediately become an option over France No 1 Mike Menong.

The only way for a deal to happen is to encourage Milan to sell Menyong only one place. (but it’s hard to see)

Real Madrid: Impossible.

Had almost moved to the Santiago Bernabeu in the past, but now There is no reason for Carlo Ancelotti to knock Thibaut Courtois off to make way for De Gea.

Because even during the peak This pair will skill enough. was raised as a similar world-class sticky But at this moment, De Gea will turn 33 in the next four months (November 7). While Courtois only turned 31 two months ago.

or second hand… Real Madrid would not willing to pay a high wage for De Gea to sit in as second-hand. It can be cut off for the white team.