‘Ferran’ made a farewell post to remember the wonderful moment forever.

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Ferran Torres has posted a farewell letter to Manchester City. Saying he will always remember the special moment in his heart. After joining Barcelona.

The Spain international agreed to join “Extras” for an initial fee of 55 million euros, although he

joined Manchester City 18 months ago , Torres passed. entering the field “The Blues” went 43 games and started this season with impressive results. until faced with soreness in October

However, he moved back to playing in the Bull Country. And posted a message saying goodbye to the club and the fans He said he will never forget the experience he has had playing for Manchester City.

But I will always keep this wonderful moment and experience in my heart,” Torres posted on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has prevented me from enjoying Manchester or the surrounding area as fully as I intended. But this year has been the best for me.”

“At Man City, I have grown as a player and as a person as well. I’ve gotten a lot stronger with new challenges as a professional player. Also note that honored and lucky for me to have to wear a jersey of the club’s great, “

” In addition to all the fantastic experience, both of winning the Premier League and carabao. Cup as well as playing in the Champions League final, I got something even more important with me. That’s a great relationship with you guys, loyal Manchester City fans.”

“I want to thank Pep Guardiola, Ferran Soriano, Txiki Begiristine and Omar Berrada for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be part of the team. excellent I feel humbled and grateful for the confidence that I can be part of the team’s great-known to the world, “

” Above all, I also want to thank my teammates and the staff all of Manchester City, “

” I am. move back to spain But I will always remember all of you in my heart and I will continue to celebrate with you week after week, of

course, part of my heart will remain at City, in Manchester.