Gareth Bale said that playing golf is more pressure than football.

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Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale sees golf as a more stressful sport than football. And believed to be the best player at the club, the 32-year-old has always been criticized for his dedication to golf rather than professional football.


Bale was spotted playing golf Wednesday while his teammates played Tottenham in an Audi Cup preseason game. Zidane had previously told reporters Bale didn’t make the trip to Germany “because he wasn’t fit.”

“I don’t know,” Zidane said, when asked about the photos after the match. “You are telling me something that has surely happened. I’m here with my players, and I’m not going to comment on that. I hope he trained there. We are here, thinking about the team.”

Which he himself admits to this but very well and has always expressed it clearly

Recently, it was again when he came out to talk about golf in comparison with playing football.

“In the Real Madrid team there are only two golfers, so I am the number 1 team in this regard, Thibaut Chur. Gatois is another player, but he’s not better than me,” Gareth Bale told Bernabéu Digital

. The atmosphere, the people and the good weather it’s amazing And above all else, the golfers play really well.”

“It’s amazing how well they play under that kind of pressure. Football is different because even if you have pressure you have to deal with the referee.”

“The point is that golf is a sport that requires more concentration. I feel more pressure here than in front of 80,000 fans on the pitch.” Gareth Bale told