Has potential but lacks attitude! JK wants Voronin’s chance to start over

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Report ufabet. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has admitted that if possible, he would like his players like Andrey Voronin to have a chance to make amends. To fulfill his potential, Klopp worked with Voronin for two years after being appointed head coach of Mainz 05 in 2001, his first job as manager.

The Ukrainian had a rough time during his first year with Klopp, but he was outstanding in the 2002/03 season, scoring 20 goals and clinching the top scorer. Germany’s filter was successful.

That allowed him to play in the top league. Before joining the Reds on a free transfer in 2007, however, he has scored just six goals in 40 appearances against the elite team. and moved to Dinamo Moscow in 2010.

Despite Voronin being seen by the Kop as a failure at Anfield, Klopp considers the player full of potential. just hindered by his attitude

When asked which Mainz player he would like another chance at if he restarted his career, Klopp replied: “Andrey Voronin, if there is a day in Andre. Rey knows how good he can be. It must have been great.”

“Andrey is a great player and unbelievable talent

. I’m not very fair to him. I think it’s my first full season as a coach. I always keep him as a backup. He came to my room during training camp and asked, ‘cropped capo why I could never be true? “

” I was asked to return it. ‘Want a direct answer?’ He replied ‘yes’, so I said ‘

“He replied, ‘Obviously!’ and he still hasn’t started.”