Lineker: Salah ‘s contract extension could have a big impact on Liverpool

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England legend Gary Lineker Rational analysis of a new contract with Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah May become a big problem at Liverpool ‘s structural level in the future ever.

“Mo Salah knows where he stands. He is currently one of the best footballers in the world. So you can move to play for any team you like. And all the big clubs are ready to open their arms and pay as much as they want,” Nice Guy told the UFABET.

“So the first thing Liverpool have to understand is In order to keep Salah at Anfield, he would have to break his wage ceiling and accept a new standard in order to deal with contract extensions with other star players in the future.”

“At this point I’m not sure if the owner of the club would dare to do it or not. But the world has changed.”

“Because if Liverpool still adhere to the old policy on the level of wage ceilings And let Salah alone, the story won’t end easily like that, as other star players will be knocking on the door of Klopp’s office, demanding a decent income. myself too.”

“Of course it’s not an easy decision for anyone to make, Salah is almost 30 years old, so whatever Liverpool do, it’s all a big risk.”

“This is not a problem with first-team Liverpool, we’ve seen this from a number of clubs in the past. And it’s not easy to survive as beautiful as in fairy tales.”