Rafa urges Everton fans to support Merseyside derby players

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Rafa Benitez has urged Everton fans to support the players in their clash with Liverpool tomorrow night (Wednesday) and hopes to use the game to get things right

Everton were unhappy with the team’s recent 1-0 defeat to Brentford on Sunday. They shouted insults at the players and held up their fingers as a sign of rudeness.

Recent results have put Benitez under pressure with a seven-match winless run in the league, which he understands fans are not happy with his performance.

“As a manager you want to win and perform well. It’s a challenge for me and I understand the anger of the fans,” Benitez said

. I think the fans are smart and know we need them.”

“You can only complain when the players are not playing well or their tactics are not working. But at the same time they can’t complain about their efforts. This is a derby match. I’m sure they will support the team.”

The last time Everton won was back on 25 September, while Liverpool were forming a 4-0 win against Arsenal. and Southampton,

however, “Toffee Blue” will take with ufabet. inspiration from the attack that beat Liverpool to Anfield in February last. In his first victory over city rivals in 11 years

, Benitez has had a poor record against Liverpool since taking over as their manager. The defeat did not come out of the last six games, but he said this was an Everton change many things

. ” I’ve managed Newcastle and Chelsea against Liverpool before, this time will be different. This will be an opportunity for us to change a lot of things.”

“This is a big game for us, derby matches will always be an opportunity to make things right. Derby matches in every country are always special. But I live in this city so passion is full and it’s very important for everyone.”

“That’s because I want to win and do good. Because for the club, it is important to regain confidence and use this opportunity to change a lot for the rest of the season.”