Real Madrid: Impossible.

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Real Madrid: Impossible.

Had almost moved to the Santiago Bernabeu in the past. But now There is no reason for Carlo Ancelotti to knock Thibaut Courtois off to make way for De Gea.

Because even during the peak. This pair will be skilled enough. was raised as a similar world-class sticky But at this moment. De Gea will turn 33 in the next four months (November 7). While Courtois only turned 31 two months ago.

or second hand… Real Madrid would not willing to pay a high wage for De Gea to sit in as second-hand. It can be cut off for the white team. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Barcelona: Impossible.

Real Madrid didn’t, Barcelona…not again.

Because it’s exactly the same situation. Barca are already fine with the No. 1 Marc-Andre ter Stegen, the goofy German who has been with the team for 9 years.

Plus, with Barça still cleared from financial problems Equal to having no way to be willing to pay expensively for De Gea to sit in the reserve as well

Sevilla : Impossible.

Madrid doesn’t, Barca doesn’t, Sevilla — no.

Because between the pillars, Sevilla has a good goal like Yassin Bunu or “Bono”, the Moroccan gate. Who created a world-famous buzz in the 2022 World Cup. At the end of the year and in the Europa League championship that Sevilla grabbed. Got 2 times, there was Bono, this is an important key.

Unless Bono leaves this summer. would be another matter