‘Verratti’ has a sweet mouth, wants to stay in Paris forever

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Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti has revealed he loves Paris with all his heart and hopes to stay here despite his retirement.

The Italy international has been at PSG since leaving Pescara in 2012, when he was still in Serie A. B and never played in Serie A before:

“Paris gave me everything! In terms of football I had the opportunity to side with the best players and face the best players, in a great game. This is what I want, above all else, “Shin, 28, said to ufabet.

” I fell in love in this club and that is the reason why I am fully dedicated, always, for the faith they have in me, “

” I was a child. I moved from a small town in Italy and when I came here I had it all. My child was born here! When you’re 18, that’s your best time. And I experienced that period with this club.”

“It’s awesome. I became an adult and found love. So everything that happened here will be an incredible memory. Life after that? I still have some time left to trade. What I know is that I will try to live in Paris forever.”

Verratti, who recently recovered from injury, returned to the field. And played an important role in helping PSG win over Manchester City in the Premier League.

“Say I feel good in every position in the midfield. There are many different positions, but the manager chooses them. He’s asked me to stand on the front line in the game across the City, “

” That’s the area where we need to wriggle out of the pressing. Because they are a really hard press team and try to push them one-on-one

. The coach knew he asked me to adapt to each opponent.”